4 Safe Walls

I know my rights almost have none
I’m in a safe cell 4 walls 16 guards
They think I’m locked up and no longer free
But they don’t know me
But they don’t know me
I’m free to think what I like to think
But I won’t speak one word
I’m free to walk where I want in my cell
But I won’t make one wrong step
They think this cell is a hell
But they’re wrong oh so wrong

4 safe walls that’s all I need
They think I should be bored
But I learned to think
I’m doing my own mind games now
If there’s a God I’m close to him
No more calls from the west
No more calls from the east
Because the middle’s the best
You don’t have to write me
I won’t write back
I don’t wanna talk to the almoner
I just wanna stay alone, alone, alone

4 safe walls that’s my life
Never heard of yoga ain’t got no wife
I control my body like you control yours
I never felt so good at all
While I’m leaning to one safe wall
I get my food at regular times
I’ve got to paste at regular times
I feel so fine I feel so fine

4 safe walls that’s all I need
4 safe walls and regular feed
Outside they’re making war and making plans
I don’t bother about industry - there’s just no use
My guards have familiar faces I know them all
Leaning to one safe wall
All the leaders of the world say is “confuse, confuse, confuse”
I once was their enemy.